Arleta - Mesken

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Waffle-like pattern, slight sheen

Material:  100% Polyester (see our note on man-made fabrics)  

Care instructions: Machine wash warm | Do not tumble dry | Iron low

Starting price is based on a 40x110 inch curtain. Final price will depend on your measurements and customization choices. ?
You can order up to 5 swatches for free.

Hanging Style

Ring Top

Rod Pocket


+ $25.00 / panel


+ $35.00 / panel

Note: Ring Top and Pleated curtains can be hung using clip rings or hooks. Grommet curtains may take an additional 2-3 days to ship.

Measurements: Width

You have two options for entering your width measurements:

Enter the width for your curtain (in inches):


Use our measurement guide to find the right width

See note if you’ve selected pleated as your hanging style.

Measurements: Length

You have two options for entering your length measurements:

Enter the length for your curtain (in inches):


Use our measurement guide to find the right length

Liner Options

No Liner

Privacy Liner

+ $15.00 / panel
Add thickness and enhance privacy. We will pick the liner color that best matches your fabric.

Blackout Liner

+ $35.00 / panel
100% blackout for a great night's sleep. We will pick the liner color that best matches your fabric.

Thermal liner (*NEW!)

+ $45.00 / panel
Heat insulation using compressed polyester batting behind a privacy liner.

Your Order Summary

  • Fabric: Arleta
  • Color:
  • Size:
  • Fullness:
  • Liner: No Liner
  • Stlye: Ring Top
  • Number of Panels:
    If you’d like to order additional curtains with the same dimensions and options you have already entered, you can do so by adjusting the quantity here.
  • Price:
  • Room Name:

Measurements: Width

To find the right width for your curtain, first measure the width of your window frame, A.

Next, decide how far you want your curtains to extend beyond the window on each side, B. We recommend 10 inches.

We recommend a fullness of at least 2x. This means if the total area you’re covering is 50 inches wide, your fabric would be 100 inches wide. What fullness do you prefer?

Note: If you've selected pleated as your hanging style, we recommend a total width that's about 10% more than the area you're covering. Also please note our pleated curtains are made with a built-in fullness of 2x. Select a fullness of 2x (or higher for a richer look). 

Finally, how many panels do you want to split this curtain into?


Measurements: Length

To find the right length for your curtain, first measure the distance from the top of your rod to the floor A,

Hint: Hanging your rod as high as possible will make your ceilings appear taller.

Since materials can stretch slightly over time, we recommend hanging your curtains so they create a small “puddle” (1-2 inches) on the floor to disguise any variance. Enter B below to indicate how long your puddle should be.

If you want to have your curtains end off the floor instead, leave B as 0 and reduce A by ½ - 1 inches.

Note: The inputs above calculate the distance between your rod and where your curtain ends. To get your actual curtain length; if your hanging style is ring top or pleated, we will deduct 1 inch from the above measurements. For grommet and rod pocket, we will add 1 inch. The length you will see in your order confirmation is your final, end-to-end curtain length.

  • Simply White
  • Gray Owl
  • Revere Pewter
  • Shadow Gray
  • Gray