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Single shade

Multiple shades

Single shade

Multiple shades


100% blackout, matte

Openness factor: 0%

Material: 100% Polyester

Select a color to continue designing your drape or order up to 5 free swatches.

02 - Ivory
01 - White
03 - Wheat
05 - Light Gray
06 - Blue Gray
07 - Gray
08 - Black

Hanging Position

How do you plan to mount your shades?

Inside mount


Outside mount

Note: Your window frame should have a minimum depth of 1.5 inches for an inside mount.

Casing Customization

Would you like your casing to be open (exposed roll) or closed (metal valance)?

What color should your casing be?

  • Let our team choose the color that would best match your fabric

Would you like a regular roll (fabric comes down from behind the roll and is close to the window) or reverse roll (fabric comes down from the front of the roll)?

  • Regular is recommended unless you have a handle, etc. that might get in the way of the shade as it comes down.

Control Customization

Would you like manual shades (controlled with a cord) or motorized ones?

What kind of motor would you like?
+ $385.00 / shade
+ $485.00 / shade
Would you like to add a remote control?
+ $95.00
+ $245.00
+ $65.00
Would you like to add a wi-fi bridge?

+ $265.00

What kind of cord would you like? (All our shades ship with child safety cleats which you can use to wrap the extra cord.)

+ $5.00 / shade

Which side should your cord be on?

Your Order Summary

  • Fabric: Rossio
  • Color:
  • Hanging Style:
  • Size
  • Casing: Open/White/Regular
  • Control: /// //
  • Number of Shades:

    If you’d like to order additional shades with the same dimensions and options you have already entered, you can do so by adjusting the quantity here. If you want the cord to be on a different side for your additional shades, just shoot us a note at hello@meskenhome.com after you place your order.

  • Price:
  • Room Name:
  • Simply White
  • Gray Owl
  • Revere Pewter
  • Shadow Gray
  • Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
So happy

Amazing quality! The Blackout really works!!! Main draw to the brand was that there were no visible and obtrusive seams even on really large sized blinds. During the order placement the team was very responsive and easy to work with.

Great Fabric + Service

We purchased the double roller blinds with a daylight and sun block fabric. Overall, we really love the fabric color and finish. Mesken service was also prompt and helpful. We had a piece arrive damaged and they shipped out a replacement quickly. The only issue we had was the force required to raise the back shade is significant. You really have to tug at it and this also slightly flexes the end of the shade. This was true both on the small shade and larger shade. It feels like it is harder than the shade is designed to be pulled but time will tell. Lowering the shade is no problem. Again, overall, love the shades and service was really strong and would recommend.

Quality customer service, and an even better product....

The order turn-around took a bit-- BUT that was expected considering they were custom sizing. When they arrived I was more than impressed. Chloe was quick on answering any questions I had!

Mike Wang
literally life changing

i suck at sleep. i've always sucked at sleep my entire life and thought it was just me.

these blinds have been LIFE CHANGING. I haven't had longer and more restful sleep in years and I live in NYC.

seriously, I feel younger and look more refreshed every day because of these blinds.

Great experience

Much more affordable than other custom alternatives, and still great shades. Loved that I could get them installed, and the team was super helpful/communicative.