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Lightweight and soft

Compared to roller and blackout shades, solar shades let in more light while still protecting your room from bright glares. 

Openness factor: 5%

Material: 100% Polyester

Select a color to continue designing your curtain or order up to 5 free swatches.

01 - Almond
02 - Mocha
03 - Stone
04 - Golden Brown
05 - Ice Blue
06 - Navy Charcoal
07 - Black

Hanging Position

How do you plan to mount your shades?

Inside the window frame


Over the window frame

Note: Your window frame should have a minimum depth of 1 inch for an inside mount.

Casing Customization

Would you like your casing to be open (exposed roll) or closed (metal valance)?

What color should your casing be?

  • Let our team choose the color that would best match your fabric

Would you like a regular roll (fabric comes down from behind the roll and is close to the window) or reverse roll (fabric comes down from the front of the roll)?

  • Regular is recommended unless you have a handle, etc. that might get in the way of the shade as it comes down.

Control Customization

Would you like manual shades (controlled with a cord) or motorized ones?

What kind of motor would you like?
+ $325.00 / shade
+ $425.00 / shade
Would you like to add a remote control?
+ $50.00
+ $85.00
+ $185.00
Would you like to add a wi-fi bridge?

+ $185.00

What kind of cord would you like? (All our shades ship with child safety cleats which you can use to wrap the extra cord.)

+ $5.00 / shade

Which side should your cord be on?

Your Order Summary

  • Fabric: Portello
  • Color:
  • Hanging Style:
  • Size
  • Casing: Open/White/Regular
  • Control: /// //
  • Number of Shades:

    If you’d like to order additional shades with the same dimensions and options you have already entered, you can do so by adjusting the quantity here. If you want the cord to be on a different side for your additional shades, just shoot us a note at hello@meskenhome.com after you place your order.

  • Price:
  • Room Name:

Single shade

Multiple shades

Measurement: Mounting Inside the Window

Measure the width you want to get covered, A

  • If you’re getting a single shade for the whole window, measure from edge to edge inside the window frame (see first photo on the left)
  • If you’re getting multiple shades for the same window, measure from the inside edge of the window to the middle of the frame that divides the windows (see second photo on the left).

Take 3 measurements and record the smallest, A

Note: We’ll deduct 1/4 inches from this number so that you have no issues with fit.

Measure the height of your window, B.

Note: We’ll add 2 inches to B so that you have ample coverage.


Single shade

Multiple shades

Measurements: Mounting Over the Window

Measure the width you want to get covered, A.

  • If you’re getting a single shade for the whole window, measure your window frame edge to edge on the outside and add a few inches of margin for proper coverage (we recommend 2-3 inches on each side). See first photo on the left.
  • If you’re getting multiple shades for the same window, measure from where you want coverage to start to the middle of the frame that divides the window sections. See second photo on the left.

Enter A below:

Measure the distance from where you want to mount your shade down to where you want it to end (a few inches below the bottom of the window). Enter B below:

Note: We’ll add 2 inches to B so that you have ample coverage..

  • Simply White
  • Gray Owl
  • Revere Pewter
  • Shadow Gray
  • Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I was so nervous that I would mess up and order my shades incorrectly. But they arrived the perfect sized and exactly how I envisioned them. They were pretty easy to install as well.

Beautiful look and great value

Love these shades and this company! Order arrived in a week and we installed them ourselves in a few minutes. The shades fit well and look clean and elegant.

Portello Shades

Have a giant wall of windows with direct southern light in the living room and the shades do a great job of filtering the light while still being able to see outside. Got them in color #05, gray. The fabric doesn't feel stiff at all and has a great texture. I like the gray and it reads like a natural fabric even though it's synthetic. Mesken was great with all of my questions to make sure it got installed correctly and that I was submitting my order based on the windows' needs.