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Measuring Curtains

Measuring Width 

Curtain measurements - width

Step 1  Measure the width of your window frame (A).

Step 2  Add a 5-10 inch margin on the sides for proper coverage (B).

Step 3  Decide what fullness you'd like. Our recommendation is to go with a minimum of 2.5x for sheer curtains and 2x for solid ones*

Note: If you chose pleated curtains as your hanging style, double the total width by 2x. We make pleated curtains with a "built in" fullness of 2x**

* Fullness refers to the ratio of fabric to the width it's covering. For example, if you're covering a 50-inch-wide space, using 100 inches of fabric would be 2x fullness.

** This means if you submit 100 inches, your curtain would be made from 100 inches of fabric with a "finished width" of 50.

Measuring Length 

Step 1  Measure the distance from the top of your rod to the floor.

Step 2  Since materials can stretch over time, we recommend hanging your curtains with a small "puddle" of 1-2 inches (B) to disguise any variance. If you'd rather have your curtains end just above the floor (or even higher), adjust A accordingly.   

Step 3 Subtract one inch from your calculation above for ring top/pleated curtains and add an inch for grommet/rod pocket to get your final curtain length.*


*If you use our measurement tool when placing your order, we make these adjustments automatically.